ACS Racing

ACS Racing is a fully equipped, tuning, service, and fabrication complex. It boasts 3 Dynojet dynomometers, one for cars and trucks, one for motorcycles and one for karts and ATV's. As well as having every tool imaginable, including gas analyzers and scanners for the latest in computer aided tuning , ie. Calmap Dfi, Electromotive etc. ACS has been Dynoing vehicles for over 10 years. We've Dyno'd everything imaginable from NASCAR, hostile N.O.S. injected blown dragsters, Superbikes, Harley's, to your mom's Olds Cutlass Brougham.


74 Industrial Way

Hanover, Ma. 02339

(781) 982-9434


  • Mon-Fri 8-6

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Welcome to the all new ACS Racing website. Pleas check back backs for updates.

Highlight Project

1975 Ford Bronco

(coming Soon)

Past Projects

1991 Ford Bronco

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi

1968 Shelby Mustang GT-500

1994 Mustang GT
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